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Garden Cleaning and Harvest

Hello garden gals and guys! The heat of summer combined with the excessive rains have stalled my garden. Yes, I know, sad. So this past weekend I decided to get out there and do a little bit of clean up.

I started with the raised bed.  I had a cucumber plant, one tomato plant, and beans. I got a few cucumbers from this plant but for the most part the cucumbers would turn yellow while they were still small.  The tomato plant that was here didn't grow well at all.  The beans, however, are doing their thing.

Here's the garden after I cleared it out:

I'm not sure what I'm going to plant in this space yet.  I'll figure something out by this weekend.  Next up was the big garden.  This was not a good year for tomatoes. Too much heat followed by entirely too much rain had my tomatoes splitting while they were still green.
The tomatoes that did manage to ripen fell prey to a squirrel that found its way in my garden cage.  The chicken wire is long overdue to be replaced but …

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