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Hello, world! I'm baaaaaack!

Hello garden gals and guys!

It's been almost eight months. Did you miss me?

I didn't have plans to start blogging until April.  However, Facebook has this thing where it shows you old posts and it made me want to get back here and clear the cobwebs.  Here is what I posted two years ago on Facebook:

This year, I decided not to start my plants from seeds. Between having to shuffle the seedlings under the one tiny grow light I have and trying to keep my cats from eating the leaves, I decided it was too much hassle. 
I plan on buying my seedlings from Papa John's Nursery, where I have been buying plants to supplement what I grow for the past 15 years.

However, I am sad to say this is the last year that Papa John's will be open. After being a family farm for five generations, they have sold their land to Anne Arundel County to build a new school. I've had a couple of years to adjust to this, but it still makes me angry.  You can read about it here.

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