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The Taming of the Shrub

Hello garden gals and guys! Did you survive the heatwave? I did...barely. My hens survived, too. I gave them lots of cold watermelon and frozen berries to snack on.  They stayed under the shade of my neighbor's tree that hangs over my fence and did a lot of dust bathing.

My tomato plants have done a lot of growing over these summer months and turned into shrubs that needed to be tamed!


I knew it couldn't wait any longer so this past Sunday I sprayed myself with bug spray (the no deet kind, thank you very much) and got out early in the morning (6AM) to try and beat the extreme heat.

It kind of worked.

Okay, no it didn't.

It was already 85 degrees and muggy.  Really muggy. But I had to make my tomato shrubs look more like tomato plants.  They needed to be thinned out so they didn't get blight or a fungus from all the humidity. Here is what it looked like before:

Ish. A hot mess (pun intended). 
I had to buy 8 foot stakes to tie them to. You can see one there in the …

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