The Bounty Rain Brings

"Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger." -- Saint Basil
Hello garden gals and guys! Isn't that a beautiful quote? 
Yesterday was Mother's Day, and while the weather wasn't ideal for celebrating outdoors, my plants LOVED it.  
If you ever want to see a miracle, take a picture of your garden when you are expecting a good rain.  Then take another picture after it rains.  You'll be amazed at how large the plants get overnight.

Here's my salad garden on May 6th, about a week before the rain. 

Here it is today, May 14th, after yesterday's rains.  And I promise you, they stayed about the size above until the rain.  

Here's my greenhouse salad bed just three days ago: 

I left the window on the roof of the greenhouse open.  It's directly above this raised bed.  This is what I came out to this morning:

My mint chocolate mint is also enjoying yesterday's showers:

And things…

Salutations from the Salad Garden!

Hello garden gals and guys!

I hope you enjoyed this past weekend as much as I did.  Yeah, it rained a little bit here and there, but mostly it was perfect get outdoors weather.  Cool enough to enjoy an outing with some friends and get a little work done in the yard. 

Now...let's talk salad, shall we? 

If you keep up with the news, you know that romaine lettuce was recalled because of e-coli.  When these outbreaks happen during the growing season, I don't worry.  That's one of the many benefits of growing your own food.

But when they happen outside of Maryland's growing season? Yeah, I panic just a little.

I hope there are no more recalls on greens, but even if there are, I'm ready for them.

You know why?


My salad garden. 

It's coming along quite nicely.  So nice, in fact, that this weekend I pulled out some containers I had and hung them inside the garden.  Then I planted rosemary, cilantro, and sage in them.

Now having a salad is as easy as walking out in…

Growing up....

Hello garden gals and guys!  Well, it looks like once again spring won't be with us for long. I don't mind the warm weather, I just hope it cools back down so my lettuces, collards, spinach, and broccoli have a chance to produce. 

But here's how things are growing so far.  I'm excited!  First up is my oregano, which just keeps coming back on its own every year and I don't water it or anything. 

Chives are also doing well and I also planted those years ago and they just keep coming back.  I have to admit, I hardly use them, but they are so pretty.

Here's my lettuce and arugula bed.  It's really taking off.  I worked some chicken poop into the soil about three weeks before planting these.  As you can see, they love the nutrients.

Spinach is also doing well.

I lost all of my bell pepper plants.  But my spicy peppers and tomato plants are doing fairly well, but are slow growing.  So I'll have to buy some more established plants from the nursery this weekend…

Trials, Tribulations, and Transplants

Hello garden gals and guys!

Today I'm talking about transplanting.  But let me back up.  So, when your seedlings get their first true leaves, that is when you are supposed to give them their first shot of fertilizer.  Well, as you may remember from my last blog post I did exactly that.  But I still wasn't seeing any real progress.  Usually, once they get their first fertilizer feeding they take off.

Being the worry wart that I am I decided maybe my little babies weren't happy in the growing medium I used.  So I bought several bags of this:

It has worm castings in it.  In case you don't know that is, it's worm poop, and plants LOVE it.  So I took all my peppers and tomatoes and repotted them.  I started with the tomatoes:

As you can see, they weren't leggy, but I noticed that they were starting to bend at the base.  So I decided to repot them.  
Did you ever notice all the little hairs on the stem of a tomato plant? Well, those little hairs, if buried, will beco…

Earth Day Fun!

Hello garden gals and guys! Yesterday (Sunday, April 22nd) was Earth Day.  Did you do anything fun?

It was about 62 degrees here in Maryland, and warm enough to get out there and plant some cold season crops. 

The first thing I did was check out my local nursery.  They used to be around the corner from me, but moved to a new location.  It's about four miles away now, instead of just one, but it was worth the trip. 

My lettuce, collards, and broccoli seedlings are taking their time growing and aren't ready to transplant, so I bought some seedlings from the nursery.  Since they are cold season crops, I know they'll be okay if we get any last minute frosts or cold snaps. 

Here's the haul from the nursery.  I got several varieties of lettuce, arugula, beets, collards, basil, and broccoli. 

I also got some fertilizer to add to the soil and some mealworm treats for my chickens.  They LOVE mealworms! But I only do the dried ones...I'm not touching live ones. Nope. Not go…

Making the Greenhouse Greener

Hello garden gals and guys! I hope you are finally enjoying some warm weather wherever you are.  Winter has definitely kept a dying grip on us here in Maryland, but today and for the next few days, it's finally going to feel like spring.

Y'all know that I have a greenhouse and I have only used it to store my seedlings until transplanting time.  When we first constructed it, I wanted to have planting beds on one side so that I could try growing plants year-round.  Well, roots from a neighbor's tree made that difficult. I couldn't dig down deep enough into the soil.

Yesterday, I decided to try some raised beds in the greenhouse.  I caught a sale on these raised beds called Patio Pickers. They were normally 29.99, but were reduced to 19.99, so I bought two of them.

I'll explain how it works in a bit.  But first I want to share some before and after photos.  So, here's what my greenhouse looked like before.  

And here's what it looks like after a little rearran…