The first harvest of my 2010 garden!

So here it is! The very first harvested crop from my garden. One beautiful strawberry. It was so shiny, it almost looked fake. My hubby and I shared it and boy was it sweet! Yummy! There are lots of other berries out there and I can't wait for them to ripen.

I was poking around the garden looking for any other signs of fruit. Low and behold a wee baby pepper is growing:

I tried to get my camera to focus on it. It wanted to focus on the ground instead. I tried to use my own hand as a backdrop, but my hands were just not steady enough. But you can see the baby fruit pretty well. The garden is slowly but surely coming to life.

I plan to get some compost this weekend and give the ground a good feeding. Here's hoping for a fruitful harvest!

Until next time, happy gardening!


  1. Way to go, DivaGardner! Looking forward to buying some of those strawberries!

  2. Well thanks, Valerie! The strawberries may never make it out of the garden! They are SO delicious I just can't resist eating them right off of the vine!


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