Beans and okra

Well, here it is! My first harvest of the season....string beans! I got a handful of beauties and I think I may cook them up for dinner tonight. In fact, I'm going to find a yummy recipe and then write a blog about it. What fun that is going to be!

Here's a useful tip about beans. When you see ones that are ready to pull, go ahead and pull them. Harvesting the beans actually stimulates the plant to produce more flowers, which means more beans!

While I was busy picking my beans, I noticed that my okra had some new leaves, so I decided to go and check them out.

Guess what I found while I was being nosy? Yup! Baby okra on the plant! Here's what okra looks like growing in the garden:

Go ahead....say "awwwww isn't it cute!" I have never grown okra before so watching it grow is so interesting to me. There are only about seven leaves on the plant, so I wasn't expecting there to be any fruit on it yet.

A lot of plants set flowers and then the fruit or vegetable grows where the flower is. Well, I'm not sure about other types of okra, but this particular variety does not have flowers. Just leaves.

Here's one more picture. My hubby, unbeknownst to me, took a picture of me at work in my garden paradise. It gives a great view of my garden from up high. You can see my cucumbers behind me in the cages really starting to take off! I've got lots of baby cukes out there. Yummy!

Until next time, garden gals and guys.

Happy gardening!


  1. Awesome awesome awesome! I'll have to take pics of my Okra now... they are pretty cool looking.

    Keep up the good work. I love your garden set up BTW!

  2. hi audra - just to let you know that i look forwrd to your blog posts and don't forget to keep sending them to me.

    i love green beans, par boiled and then a little olive oil drizzled on top with a bit of salt and pepper


  3. You are getting more like your grandmas every day! We just had a delicious tomato today.

    Love ya!

  4. @ Frank...awww thanks so much. I am glad that you enjoy my blogs! I've got a couple of interesting ones coming up so stay tuned!

    @ Dad...yeah I am. I carry them with me every time I go into the garden.

  5. I so love your screened in garden!


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