Tomato harvest!!

I have finally picked my first batch of tomatoes. The large ones are pineapple tomatoes and the others, of course, are cherry tomatoes.

The pineapple tomatoes were so sweet! I normally don't like the taste of a tomato by itself but this was more like eating a peach than a tomato!

I harvested some more sweet banana peppers too. I have to find some recipes for all these peppers.

The garden is looking pretty good, even though I lost my cucumber plants. Things are still very slow to ripen and I have a lot of green tomatoes still refusing to turn red. I also spied an eggplant that should be ready for pickin' soon.

In the meantime, here is what I did with my pineapple maters....a refreshing spinach salad:

Until next time, garden gals and guys!

Happy gardening!


  1. hi sis - oh, i love those tomatoes you have there especially the sweet pineapple. i love sweet tomatoes.

    keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Audra, Your harvest looks great! When we were kids, my Mom used to fry those pepper up in olive oil and we ate them open-faced on Italian Bread with a little salt. Yum! Enjoy and keep posting,love your blog.


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