The cherries are coming, the cherries are coming!

Tomatoes that is. Over the past couple of days I have picked two large bowls of cherry tomatoes. My garden, I'm ashamed to say, looks a hot mess but at least I've got some cherry maters! They are SO sweet...almost like eating a sweet grape...or cherry!

I spied two eggplants that are just about ready to come off the vine and the two cantaloupes that I have are doing nicely. There are a lot of plum tomatoes and sandwich type tomatoes that are very green. I have pulled a few pineapple tomatoes from the vine....delish!

As for my peppers....well those sweet banana peppers...someone mislabeled them. I cut one up to put in my salad and popped a slice into my mouth expecting a sweet peppery flavor. Ummm....NOT! They are spicy! Glad I discovered that before putting them into my salad.

My habaneros have very few leaves but no flowers. I don't think I'll be getting any fruit from there. Didn't notice any flowers on my ghost peppers either. Oh well.

The beginning of August always marks the slowing down of the gardening season for me. But this is also the time when you can begin to make fall plantings of your cold crops: broccoli, cauliflower, lettuces, collards, kale, etc. I may have to start some seeds and give the fall gardening a try. I've never done it before.

I'll be doing another post after I clean up my garden this weekend.

So until next time!

Happy gardening!


  1. hi sis - what kind of cherry tomatoes are they?? isd only go for the sun golds. to me, they are like putting a spoonful of sugar in my mouth with each bite.

    the ghost peppers you refer to, are they the bhut jolokia's or something else. i found that most of those "ghost peppers" have different names but mostly are the same. last year i grew 7 pots. they were EXTREMELY hot.

    from experience i can tell you if your habaneros do not have flowers on them by now you are probably right about not getting any fruit.

    up here the farmes markets are doing a grand business. all the veggies look great.

    i look forward to getting your e-mails with new posts to your blog.

    big bro


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