Growth and First Harvest!!

Hello again garden gals and guys! The weather has been getting hotter and things have been starting to take off, which I am glad to see because DivaGardener was gettin' a little worried about her chilluns! :o)

First order of the day was taking baby peaches of the branches of Nathan (my peach tree y'all). I've been doing some research and you are supposed to thin out the fruit so that the tree can put more energy into less fruit which makes them bigger and sweeter. So here is what I pulled off (don't worry there are still PLENTY left on the tree):

And here is Nathan after it's all done (I kept the ladder there to distinguish him from the rest of the trees in my neighbor's yard):

And here's Lil' Fat Earth! Momma is so proud of her babies!


Right side of garden with collards at the top, peppers and tomatoes in the middle and onions and strawberries at the bottom:

Scallions, anyone? They are almost ready for harvest!

We will NOT discuss what the slugs have been doing to my strawberries those little (&#$(&#(&#(&*(#!!!! But I put down some organic slug pellets so hopefully the rest of the berries will thrive: here's the best part. We harvested lettuce and spinach from the garden and had our first garden salad last week! Yummy! It was so good we went back in for a second harvest and made another batch.

Freshly cut greens:

My secret garden weapon washing the greens...awwww she's so cute...but I digress....

Salad is served!

I dressed it with just a little pepper, onion and garlic powder and Italian dressing (mangia! mangia!) and it was delicioso!! Vive Bene! Oh, ahem....sorry...channelling my Grandma Carmela. :o)

Well, that's all for now folks.

Until next time....

Happy gardening!


  1. Hey there,enjoyed your blog.
    You have something to be proud of.
    Great job done .
    Waiting for my bushel of harvest you know my address.:o)
    Love the salad greens,can't wait for the collards.
    Little helper is cute too.
    Love you


  2. Awwwww thanks, Mommy! I'm glad you enjoyed the blog! And I'm glad you figured out how to post a comment!


  3. There is nothing like your own fresh home grown, nothing taste better then home grown!

    I had no idea that one had to thin fruit from peach trees... This is why I love blogging on blogspot, because we all learn something new and valuable from our blogging garden friends every day.

    Unfortunately I have not been able to plant or plan a darn thing in my neck of the woods...

    ( Michigan) because we have had cold, non-stop raining for three months and counting!...

    Because of this I have lost the energy and enthusiasm to plant my container veggies like I have done in the past....

    This year I'll have to plant mostly mature plants without an exact plan... Bummer!

    However garden blogs like yours and others inspire me to take good notes for use in the future. When you have the opportunity, stop by Vetsy's View, perhaps you can live me a tip or two... or just a encouraging word.

  4. Hi! Looking good. Yes, I've had that issue with strawberries too. Last year and this year I'm determined to be selfish and not share! Lol! What kind of organic slug stuff did you use? Also, I had my first fresh cut salad this week and had seconds too! Crazy good!

    If you like, check out my first garden giveaway...

  5. dad grew up in Michigan (Albion and Jackson). I know how you feel. I also lived in Illinois for four years and I know about that Midwest weather. Just live vicariously through my blog and I will send LOTS of sun your way. If I could send some of this humidity your way I would gladyly! :o)

    Igardendaily...the slug stuff that I use is by a company called Espoma and it is called Earth-tone slug and snail control. I don't see any new damage to my strawberries yet so I am hoping for the best.

    I am coming on over to both of your blogs right now!

  6. Everything looks so good! And your hard work is evident in how everything looks so healthy. We have been having some 90 degree days, so those days of salads, spinach, and broccoli are soon going to be over. Welcome to Blotanical!

  7. Thanks, Sage! I am battling cucumber beetles on my melon plants but they seem to have leveled off and are almost gone. Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that the stink bugs don't find the garden!

  8. Love tha Peach tree! My Dad was a peach lover and planted a peach tree in our back yard when I was a kid. It only got about 10 peaches but they were amazing! I am so proud of are doing a great work with growing and promoting organic gardening! May God Bless and fulfill all your dreams. You deserve it! Love, Cindy

  9. Thank you, Cindy! You brought tears to my eyes. I feel that this is truly the gift God has given me and I plan to share it with all who wish to learn!

  10. Hi Diva, Thanks for the info on the slug stuff. I found my first ripe strawberries today so I think I better be watching for slugs. Also, thanks for showing me what baby peaches look like. I have a peach tree but there are no baby peaches on it this year...looks like you had tons. Yes, I've read the same about thinning the fruit. I'll come to your house for fresh peaches and you to mine for apples! Have fun!

  11. Oh yummers, look at those bowls full of greens! Congrats on your first big harvest for the year =) Thanks also for stopping by my Wisteria post, I am loving your blog too and am looking forward to following your posts! Can't wait to see what fruits for you next!! Cheers Julia

  12. Wonderful name... Fat Earth!
    Good to find you roaming the Blotanical blogosphere.
    Will read your posts there most often,
    aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz
    ...oh yes, and please send some peaches this way!

  13. It looks like you are teaching your children well- they will appreciate all you have taught them as they get older

  14. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! I am so excited to see your feedback!

    Julia--I hope my peaches will mature. Some of them have been attacked by an unknown bug so we will see if any make it. :o(

    Bay Area--thanks! I came up with the name when I heard someone say that there is nothing like a fat piece of earth that feeds you all season long. It just fit!

    Gardening--my daughter is the most interested but I am hoping the bug will bite both of my sons. At least they love to eat what I grow...that's a start!


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