Harvesting yummy goodness....

Hello again garden gals and guys! This entry is going to be short and sweet (no pun intended...or maybe it was). My strawberry plants are finally producing and giving me about four to five big, sweet strawberries every day. I love harvesting strawberries.

You walk out there just expecting to see how things are growing and then you catch a glimpse of red that whispers "psssst!!! over here!" And you lift up a leaf and surprise! They are SO sweet and delicious!! Sometimes they don't make it into the kitchen to share with the kids. I love just standing there in the warmth of the sun and eating a fresh strawberry that I grew in my own garden.

Here is a picture of one of the berries hiding on the vine (oh and since adding the straw mulch and putting the vines on top of it...no slugs! Ahhhh Diva Gardener 1, slugs 0):

Here is just one day's harvest (uh huh....now you see why I don't always run in the house to share!):

And here is my oldest boy harvesting his favorite--scallions. We have used these in our eggs and even in a nice mussels dish that my mom made while she was visiting:

He's really getting into eating fresh mommy-grown produce. He's awaiting the peaches on the peach tree with desperation! :o)

Well that's all for now folks! I'll be going to the big garden to weed and check things out so you'll be seeing another post soon!

Until next time....

Happy gardening!


  1. The picture of your boy gardening in his socks is extremely cute!

  2. What kind of peaches are you growing and how long until it bore fruit? I really want to add some to our garden!
    But those strawberries look great!!!

  3. The strawberries are vibrant red! looks delicious.

  4. @ Katie...thanks! Definitely a picture I will treasure!

    @ Heather...it's a dwarf peach tree but I don't remember the exact species. I planted it six years ago and this is the first year it will bear fruit if I can get the darn insects to stop boring into the peaches.

    @ Charmcity they were SOOOOOOO good!!!!

  5. Hi Diva! Looking GOOODDD! Strawberries look so good and you crack me up that you don't "always" share with the kids. I do the same thing but probably wouldn't have admitted it first! When the young plantings provide good berries but sparse, I don't share! More like, first come, first serve...:) Yes, I also noticed the "gardener" in socks - there is someone in my house that loves to wear socks in the garden too! So cool, that he is getting into the mommy-produce instead of store-bought!

  6. Hey there "Igarden"!! Thanks so much! You should see the big garden. I spent FIVE hours weeding it last Sunday and boy do my legs STILL hurt! I will be going again this weekend (it was a busy week) to check out how things are growing.

    And now you have admitted that you do the same thing...and I have proof! :o)


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