IFO Sightings (Identified Fruiting Objects)

IFOs have been spotted in my garden! Yes...garden gals and guys identified fruiting objects have been spotted and I am SO happy to see them!

Before I begin, let me tell you about a new feature to my blog. Fat Earth now has mobile phone viewing compatibility, so if you are viewing this on your cell phone you will be able to see the blog in a special format that will fit your screen! Yay!

I went to the big garden to water and weed and of course to bug patrol (have to watch for stink bugs ...and I did *gulp* see one on my pepper plant). As I was looking at my maters, I noticed some tiny little fruits!

These are my sungolds which are cherry tomatoes:

There are about thirty or so that I saw and many more flowers as well. I am hopeful that there will be a bumper crop of all kinds of maters!

Here is a picture of the sungold plants. They are getting so big! I need to stake them, I know.

And here is a picture of three Big Beef maters happily growing on the vine:

As I walked merrily over to the cantaloupe patch I spotted these babies:

The peppers are also doing quite well. Lots of flowers but no fruit yet:

Here's a funny one for you. I left some spindly looking tomatoes, a pepper and some basil in pots that just didn't seem to be doing well. I forgot to throw them away and they just sat there. Well, they've busted through the pots and are rooted in the ground....AND doing quite well I might add! I call them "the forgotten ones". They are like my little garden mafia:

I figure if they are thriving I'll let them be!

Now on to the creepy crawlies. Ick. This first little guy was camera shy. Every time I tried to take a picture he would go to the underside of a leaf. I finally said "I just want a picture" and then he came up on the leaf and I think he smiled for me:

Now....ever wondered what a Colorado potato beetle looked like? Wonder no more. I killed two of these in my garden and checked the undersides of leaves to be sure they left no eggs:

They feed on tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes and other plants. They feed on the leaves and will totally decimate your crops! The females are very prolific and can lay up to 800 eggs on the undersides of leaves. The eggs are usually orange and are in clusters. So if you see this bug any where near your garden, kill it! Then check the undersides of your plants for eggs and if you see any you need to put your garden gloves on and smoosh those eggs!


  1. Love it! You have so much fun produce on its way to your table! Man, my 'taters are just starting to think about blooming! Thanks for the info. on the potato beetle, I didn't know about the eggs under the leaf. And, I love the garden mafia, can't wait to see what they do later this summer...

  2. Thanks! I hope it all makes it to the table. Have to watch for beetles and other predators. Still have a few cucumber beetles bothering my cantaloupes, but so far so good!

  3. Boy now you have to worry about the bugs,I thought gardening was a piece of cake .
    I'll have to get a magnifying glass and start
    patroling my garden,I knew something was nibbling !

    Keep up the good work,looking forward to harvest.


  4. What a delight to watch those baby IFOs. But the bug and the eggs, oh no! Wishing you a good harvest soon.

  5. Happy gardening to you..I did not get around to planting my container veggies this year..but I'm happy to follow you and others who were lucky to get going this year!

    I grew Big Beef maters a couple of years ago in containers and yes they get big and beefy, which is why some suggest growing them as an added garnish to your hamburgers...I'll take mine flame broiled thank you..

    Thanks for sharing that photo of that bad little beetle....Now I'll be able to recognize her in a line up in the future...800 eggs, Yikes!

  6. Autumn, yeah the bugs are a constant annoyance but what can you do other than be vigilant?

    Vetsy, I'm sorry you didn't get anything planted this year. I'll just have to post lots and lots of pictures throughout the season for you. My garden is your garden, girlfriend!


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