First Harvest

Hello there garden gals and guys!'s the fourth of July and I have maters!!! They say that if you have maters by the 4th you will have a good harvest all summer long!

This blog is going to be short and sweet because I believe the pictures will do the talking. Let me just say that I counted 23 Crimson Sweet watermelons growing in the big garden and I can't wait until harvest time!! There must be over 100 tomatoes on the vines too and the bigger ones will be ripening any day now!!

My cantaloupes aren't doing as well, but having my own watermelons will certainly make up for it!

Here are pictures of the harvest so far:


Pablo Ancho peppers....very hot!


Pepper and cukes:



Sungold cherry maters. I am getting a pint of these every other day now. They are SOOOO sweet:

Well, that's all for now garden gals and guys! Until next time....

Happy gardening!


  1. Wow Garden veggies looks good,can't wait to taste
    the melons.You must be very proud of your garden.
    Okay farmer Audra thumbs up to you.


  2. Whoop! Whoop! Good for you..More happy gardening to you! Those tomato's look sweet even in the photo .... yuummmm!

  3. Mommy...I can't wait for you to taste the melons! I hope I can do Grandpa proud!

    Vetsy....they are SO sweet! It's like eating candy!

  4. I am amazed by your garden! My garden is just coming in. I got 6 cherry tomatoes so far. The groundhogs have eaten my lettuce, green beans, squash, cucumbers and parsley! Thank God they don't like tomatoes, basil and eggplant!

  5. I bought some Roma tomatoes from a local nursery in Severn, MD and there were some black moldy looking insides--they told me that they have never seen that in tomatoes. Can anyone tell me what that is and how dangerous it is to human consumption?

  6. Hi Diva! Looking good, good, good! Wish I could taste one of the Sungold's! The only thing I could compete with you on at this point is basil! Everything else is about a 3-4 weeks behind yours! I have lots of tomatoes (finally) now just need some ripe ones! Happy Harvesting!

  7. Cindy...sorry to hear about the groundhogs! Pesky varmints....

    Mer....I don't know what that is but I wouldn't eat it. You can take it to the extension office or go to this link and either call them or send them a pik and they can probably tell you what it is:

    Igarden.....thank you so much! I just harvested four QUARTS of cherry maters, four big maters, three peppers and six onions! Pictures are on the way!!!


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