Proud Mama announces the arrival of her.....


YEAH! I have tried for several years to grow watermelons with no success. Yesterday, in addition to harvesting literally about 30 pounds of tomatoes, I went to check on my babies. There were four that were ready!!!! Hubby and I sampled some early this morning after letting it cool in the fridge over night and oh how sweet it is!!

Here's proud mama with her babies:

Here they are again:

Each one of those babies weighs a good 20 pounds! You should have seen my daughter and I struggling to carry these things to the car! It was definitely funny!

Here's the maters:

I kid you not when I say that each of those bags weighed as much as one of the watermelons! I was afraid that the plastic bag was going to break!

I'm so proud and feel so very blessed to have grown my very own watermelons! I think my Grandpa is up in Heaven smiling down on my harvest.

There are still about ten watermelons left in the garden that should be ready within the next week or two.

Now I'm going to figure out what to do with all those maters!

Until next time garden gals and guys....

Very Happy Gardening!!


  1. wow great job! All my vine vegi's and fruits seem to have withered up. :( Hope someday I can grow that much abundance!

  2. Elizabeth...I feel so very blessed. I am so glad that I have this plot of land to grow on because my backyard garden didn't do too well at all. But my big goodness...I can't keep up with the weeds...they are more prolific than my veggies! I almost cried when I brought home the watermelons...I am truly so proud!

  3. You makea the sausea likea yu grandmama.
    It takes a lot of tomatoes to make the sauce
    of your friends recipe.In fact you should post the recipe.
    Send me three of those melons .Do they look goooood
    I am soooooooooooo proud of you too,farmer Audra.
    Wished I could of seen Adrianna carrying one of those
    babies.Bless her little heart she is a trooper.


  4. Way to go, Ducky. Those melons are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! And those maters!! By the way, it looked like one of the maters was a heritage variety. Kind of brownish red? (correct name??).

  5. Thanks, Mommy! Aunt J there was a pepper in the bag which may be what you saw that was sort of reddish/green but it does look brown.

    Most of the tomatoes I am growing are heirloom varieties. I don't grow any genetically modified seeds.

  6. Hi Diva! I've been busy so haven't checked in for awhile...You've been busy too! Those watermelons are amazing! I just spotted a baby watermelon in my garden yesterday and was planning to use it as part of a post...but I check here and Kerbang! you've got 20 pounders! Way to go...the tomatoes are gorgeous too. You must have lots of people asking to come over for dinner!

    BTW, I don't think the Bells of Ireland would do well inside. Treat them like a regular bedding annual...maybe plant some seeds when you plant lettuce and stuff next year! Best,

  7. Good for You! This is a great time to have a nice cool, crisp, sweet watermelon! It's a fantastic treat especially when it's hot outside.. Whew! I could stand a couple of those about right now.

  8. Vetsy...they are definitely refreshing! We put them in the fridge and let them get nice and cold and then we dig in! And you're right...this is most definitely the weather for it!

  9. Watermelons are really hard to grow! I am so proud of you...they are huge! I am harvesting Eggplants and Plum Tomatoes this week for Eggplant Parm! Very excited..thanks for motivating me to plant a garden this year.

  10. My one little lonely watermelon was nice and green on the outside and white on the inside. Apparently, I picked it too soon. Maybe I'll try again next year.

  11. Cindy...they are hard to grow! This is the first year after about three years of trying that I was successful! So glad to hear that you are enjoying some of the fruits of your labor!

    Aunt probably picked it too early. The trick is to check the bottom where it is in contact with the dirt...if it's yellow then pat the melon with your hand...if you hear a nice hollow's ready!!

  12. Wow! Such a bountiful harvest of yours!
    Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits specially during summer time.

    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy


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