More of the harvest....

Hello garden gals and guys!

The heat of summer can be brutal on plants but my cantaloupe plants finally decided to grace me with some fruit. Very sweet!

Here is my youngest boy helping me put some of the harvest in the truck:

He's a hard worker!

You may think that now is the time for gardens to start slowing down, but now is the time to start seeds or buy seedlings (if you can find them) of those cold season crops. Broccoli, kale, chard, collards, celery, and lettuce will all provide a nice fall harvest if you get them in the ground now! They love the cooler weather that is just around the corner!

I planted some lettuce seedlings and some celery in my backyard garden and we had a nice rain yesterday evening that gave them a cool drink.

Well, that's all for now garden gals and guys. Short and sweet.

Until next time....

Happy gardening!!


  1. I love melons too, thanks for the info on what to start planting as we get cooler.


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