The Spider on the web.....

and I don't mean the Internet! Working in the farmer trainee program, I am always learning something new. Well, this past Tuesday, Jack took us over to harvest basil for the CSA. But before we began, he grabbed a stink bug and brought us over to an area of the basil where a spider about as big as my hand had a web. Here is a picture of it:

He then found a stink bug (easy to do) and threw it into the web. At first the spider wouldn't move and I almost didn't get the video because I stopped filming. But then he (or maybe she) moved and I just stood there in awe.

Here's the video:

Until next time garden gals and guys....

Happy gardening!


  1. Eeeuuuuw! I could have gone all morning without seeing that, Ducky!

  2. Very cool! I'll need to start feeding stink bugs to my spiders...

  3. At Aunt J: I warned you not to look if you don't like bugs! :o)

    @ Cathy...yes definitely, that and frogs! :o)

  4. Audra,

    That was awesome. What kind of spider was that? I'll bet if you had him near your bed, you would wake up in a cocoon... Good job, oh and by the way, your melons were awesome too.

    Love ya!



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