Watermelon Widow

This blog is going to be short and sweet. Went to check on my watermelons yesterday. Grabbed one to turn it over and check the underside for that nice yellow color and yes...there she was...a black widow spider.

I'm thankful for three things:

1) That I have watched enough documentaries with my husband to know what one looks like
2) That I had gloves on
3) That she didn't bite me because my gloves were not thick ones

That ended my day in the garden about five minutes after I got there. I don't even remember if the watermelon was ripe yet. In fact, my husband may have to go harvest that watermelon...and all others for that matter!

Until next time....if there is one.....


  1. A spider! too bad, it shortened your gardening for the day.

  2. Yeah..if it was just a regular spider it would have been ok but a bite from a Black widow can literally be deadly and since my body is extremely sensitive to insect bites I wasn't taking any chances.

  3. That is extremely scary. I don't blame you, it would have sent me to my flat in a shot. Hope you get round to tending to your watermelons soon though. Kind wishes

  4. Oh My God! I'm so glad it did not bite you..I have heard some awful things about the damage a black window can do.

    I first learned about them in my parents National Geographic Magazine, not long after reading and studying it I discovered one a year later in a web in our garage.

    Mom sprayed it with some Raid and beat the crap out of it! I haven't seen any since that time and hope I never will.

    Any way I found some info on line about how to kill one if you haven't done so already, I want you to get back to your wonderful garden in peace.


  5. Thanks, Vetsy! I will take a look at the link. Don't know if I would have the nerve to kill one though...too scared...I'm surprised my hands stopped shaking long enough to take a picture of it!

    I'm laughing at the visual of your mom beating the crap out of that spider!

  6. Audra,

    So glad you are all right. The BW is a bad actor. I constantly remind your mom to be careful.

    Love ya!



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