The Big Garden Begins!!!

Hello garden gals and guys!!!!  Isn't the weather just gorgeous? I hope you've been getting out there into your gardens and getting things planted.  I finally got my big garden underway.  I haven't planted everything because my seedlings still need a few weeks to grow.  I've started to harden them off though, so they should be ready for the big garden soon!

I did manage to get my watermelon plants into the ground.  Here are my pretty little babies before being put into their new home:

I tried to get a shot of the field with all forty of them planted, but they are so small it just looks like an empty field.  So here is one of my babies in her new home:

Here are some more fun shots.  This here is the wonderful woman that let's be grow on her land.  She was putting up the fencing while I was there to keep the deer and groundhogs out:

I SO want to drive that tractor!!!!  It's one of my farm dreams.  But alas, not yet.  *sigh*  You can also see the fencing that she was putting up.

Here is a shot looking up to the fencing.  It's a little harder to see, but it's there:

You can also see my little garden helper playing in the soil!!!  I know, I know. You are wondering when I am going to post what the surprise is, right?  Well, sorry to disappoint, but it's not ready yet.  This past weekend got a little more hectic than I planned.  But the excitement is still building!!!!

Until next time garden gals and guys....



  1. I love your last photo. What a wonderful expanse of soil.

    1. Hi, Kate! Thank you for the compliment! Isn't it wonderful?! And that's not all of it...I couldn't fit it all in the picture. I'm just so grateful to Cathy for letting me grow on her land!

  2. Yes .. such a large nice sunny area to plant everything. I'm trying an experiment this year with melons. We have such a short growing season .. I have put a small hoop frame over my melon bed and covered it with plastic to make it into a mini greenhouse. I love to experiment in the garden :) Have a blessed day.

    1. Hi, Mrs. Mac!! Yes the big garden is the perfect location. The sun does goes right over it almost the whole day. I'm pretty fortunate with my backyard garden in that way too! Let me know how that experiment goes!


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