Curling Tomato Leaves and Lettuce Starts

Hello Garden Gals and Guys! I was out in the greenhouse today and noticed that my second batch of lettuce seeds has sprouted. You may remember my first video on how to start lettuce seeds. Here's a continuation of that video to see how they are doing:

As I looked at my tomato plants, I noticed the leaves are curling just the tiniest bit and some of them are looking just a teeny bit yellow. Ever had this happen to you? Check out this video to find out why this happens and what to do about it:

On another note....this post makes number NINETY-FIVE! I have a special celebration in mind when I reach post 100, so be sure to come back and visit now, ya hear?

Until next time garden gals and guys.

Happy gardening!!!


  1. I'm glad to see that your seeds are sprouting :) Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you, Blake! It's looking to be a good year so far!


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