Fat Earth: A Decade of Growing Food

Hello Garden Gals and Guys! Well, we did it! Thanks to your support my Youtube channel, VeggieGardenTV, hit 100 subscribers! To commemorate this milestone and also to celebrate this being my tenth year of growing food, I did a little video for you. I got teary-eyed as I put this together, seeing how far I've come.

I started my garden ten years ago as an experiment to show my children where food comes from. I never dreamed it would turn into my passion. OK, enough talking....watch the video to see how Fat Earth evolved from a 300-square-foot garden into the backyard farm it is today!

Until next time garden gals and guys....

Happy gardening!


  1. Audra,
    An awesome video.Got teary eyed myself,remembering all the hard work and effort
    that went into making Fat Earth successful.You are truly a Master gardener.
    thanks for sharing Fat Earth and all those wonderful tip.love you.Anna

    1. Thank you, Mommy! I've got Grandpa's gardening spirit!

  2. Audra, That was scoonific! Not only was the content wonderful, but you ought get an Oscar, or a Henry or a Michael or something for editing. I also enjoyed seeing the munchkins' cameo appearance. Keep up the good work--I am so proud of you. Love you soooooo much. Dad

  3. As far as gardening spirit, your two grandmothers and Grandpa are probably up in heaven arguing who it came from. I can hear them now--Mattie: That's my girl, she used to visit me every year and play with the chickens and with Ruth before we had her for dinner. Oh yes, that all came from me. Lena: Whatsa matter-you craze, she no eata Ruth, datsa my daughta. She work ina garda justa like-a-me. Grandpa: Oh my goodness-a-life. That gal used to follow me around every day. I taught her everything she know, she even look me. Suddenly, like a mighty rushing wind, a powerful voice "Isn't she wonderful and it all came from ME!" And I will continue to bless her

    1. Thanks, Dad! I guess I do get it from all of them! That's alright by me...I need all the help I can get!


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