Let the Canning Begin!

Hello Garden Gals & Guys! I'm so excited! I've added another valuable skill to my homesteading repertoire: canning! For three years now I have been saying I will learn how to can. Last year, I bought the canner and supplies and the book to teach me how, but I was too scared to try it.

Now that I have done it, I don't know what I was so nervous about. It is A LOT of work...but it is not complicated at all. I'm very happy that I conquered this challenge. Videos are better than words, so here's my little story in action. You'll get a few chuckles if you watch the whole thing:

Well, that's all for now garden gals and guys!!!

Until next time....

Happy gardening!


  1. A really good video Audra. It brings back memories of your great grandmother Gussie Simmons who loved to can. She used to have me put the tops on sometimes because she had arthritis. I remember once when she was canning (I think) peaches and I asked her "Granny, how come it has to be so tight?" ( I think I had overdone it a bit and hurt my hand) she looked at me and snorted "cause 'dats the ways 'hit's got to be done-now do 'dis one. She must have had what seemed like a hundred of those d--n jars (there were probably far fewer than that) Now my daughter is doing the same thing. Mercy!

    1. Dad, I definitely felt like I was picking up and carrying on where my grandparents left off. While many people do can, it really is a lost art. But I wanted to learn...and I am glad that I did! It's a great way to preserve the harvest and store up for the winter months...and it saves money, too!


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